A Walk Through León

by Lisa

Isolation in a charming Spanish town

I am learning how to remember the past, accept the today, and dream about the future. Today, it is all about remembering the past. Seven months of relative isolation and containment, I am looking through my iPhone photos, and am reminded that I am so lucky to live in a charming and beautiful Spanish town. 

At the moment,  my town is in the midst of the ‘second wave’ and due to various factors (positive cases, percentage of ICU beds available, etc), Leon is now confined. This means that people are not allowed in the city without justification and people are not allowed to leave the city limits. Also, it was just released today that Spain has declared a state of alarm once again. I am not fully certain what this means, although I have read about nightly curfews and limiting travel.

Thus, developing coping strategies is a must for me. Today I have free time at home…I find myself wearing my most cozy sweater and wrapped in my softest blanket, drinking coffee, and in an effort to quiet my thoughts, I write. 

Today, I think about the past seven months. Let’s take a photo walk – I hope you enjoy!

May 2, 2020 – One hour of freedom daily, after 7 weeks of lockdown. I have never been so happy to be outside for one hour a day. Who knew it was spring outside?? 
May 2020 – I found this old abandoned brick house one early morning. In my head, I have refurbished the villa to its former glory many, many times. 
Day 58 – I would often wake up early, while the rest of the town was asleep and go for my hour walk. This particular day, I happened upon a lonely snail making its way across a cobbled street. This photo is the inspiration for my blog and name, “Life In Slow Motion”, as I could 100% relate to this snail. 
The empty streets of Leon…some days I felt as though I had the entire city to myself.
Such a magical feeling!
Behind barsI can totally relate to this idea and have come to the conclusion I would not last long in jail!

I’ll end with this – I read this often and remind myself that this too will pass eventually, take each day as it comes, and hopefully in the end we will all be a better version of ourselves. 

Wishing all who read this, wherever you are in the world – much love, patience, and strength as we continue down this path of the unknown.

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Pat Meliah September 21, 2021 - 8:02 pm

I really enjoy your sharing about what you see & do & the beautiful pics you take that make me want to be there!! You’re very artistic & gifted !! I’m very proud of all you give to your students & all the beauty & life you see & appreciate in this crazy, difficult time!! My love & prayers are with you!! I know you’ll keep up the good work!! Miss you!!


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