A Week of Six Words

by Lisa

A Week of Six Words

Six Words Can Express So Much…

Writing does not come naturally or easily for me…it sometimes takes me multiple attempts to convey a message and other times I just write as I talk. Either way, I have found that over the past few years, putting my thoughts and feelings down on paper helps with the constant rattle inside my brain. Especially now, given the current climate of our world, there is a lot of noise, chatter, and opinions that are sometimes difficult to understand…finding creative outlets helps me process these thoughts one step at a time.

Many years ago, I was first introduced to six-word memoirs while I was teaching at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Wednesday was my favorite day of the week because this was the day that Ann, a fabulous poet/mentor/teacher/friend came to work with our students (and teachers). I not only learned how to teach (a little) creative writing to my students, I also learned how to personally tap into my creative side, my first attempt of putting my thoughts, feelings, and ideas onto paper. With an extreme amount of patience, guidance, and encouragement, I soon learned to love the process of writing. 

Now, fast forward to a new life abroad. I am 5,000 miles away from the Wednesday morning writing circle, yet I still use the lessons I learned almost every day with my students around the world. One of my favorite lessons that I looked forward to every year was Six-Word Memoirs. This holds a special place in my heart and memory. So special in fact, that I aim to incorporate this style of poetry as a subtitle for each post. “Searching for my SoulShine in Spain”, “Be Brave, Make Mistakes, Say YES!”, and “Roosters crowing, bells ringing, waves crashing…” are just a few examples of these six-words on published posts. 

I wanted to share this process with others and came up with the idea of a collaborative writing project. I envisioned writing samples from people around the world – different ages, populations, locations, passions… 7 days of  “Six-Word Memoirs” with any theme of choice. I posted on my personal FaceBook page for anyone interested in participating and I have already received a few submissions. 

Please enjoy…!

Liz – Seattle, USA

Artwork submitted by Liz

seen from space black lives clear  

sugared red berries green flecked bowl

cut paper pull weeds black white

bird not blood on my chest

filtered sun on warm soaped water

first farmer’s market ripe strawberry walk

brown shell white cloud sun yolk

Artwork submitted by Liz

    Linda – Walla Walla, USA

Marriage – the beginning of many happy years

Children – wonders of tiny feet and hands

Family – the most precious gift of all

Work – sense of accomplishment and pride daily

Hobbies – handmade given to you with love

Friends – someone is always by your side

Death – heaven, the final reward for LIFE

My parents – Circa December 1967

Terry – Alger, USA

Kids are great, grandkids are BETTER

Raspberry blossoms, humming bees, jam soon

Cucumbers are planted, pickles to make

Sprouting vegetables, slimy slugs, total devastation

Photo submitted by Terry

Aileen – Kenmore, USA

Reclamation, nature, whimsy, daily purpose, Beantopia

Shifting boundaries, self reliance, road trips

Six pack consumed, laps, reflection, renewal

Photo submitted by Aileen

Me – Leon, Spain

Quarantine Life

No dog, no child, no exit

Graffiti art daily reminder – Always dream

Missing the feel of human touch

Love – hate relationship with my electronics

Countless hours daydreaming from bedroom window

Quarantine grey hairs, aka free highlights!

“Dream” – view outside my bedroom window – Photo by Me

Currently, we live in a world with so much uncertainty, unrest, and challenges. Yet, we are all connected. I hope that by reading thoughts, emotions and feelings from people around the world, people are able to feel just a bit more connected to each other. 

A special thank you to Ann – mentor, poet, and friend who taught me so much over the years and who also inspired this project. Also, thank you to those who have participated. Without your words, there would be very little to say, so I thank you!

I would like to make this an ongoing project… if you would like to contribute a week of Six-Words, please send me a personal message or comment below and I will provide information. I would love to read your thoughts and add to this post. 

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